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About the Company

The history of IVCORE began in 1967

Over the past decades, our plant has turned into one of the significant enterprises manufacturing over 40 types of products. The IVCORE Company specializes in the production of tent fabrics and bookbinding materials, artificial leathers as well as tent structures of various purposes.

50 years of successful work in the PVC coated materials market

The IVCORE Company has been the leader in the domestic market of PVC coated products for 50 years. Since 2008, we have been successfully developing the manufacture of finished goods made of PVC coated fabrics.

Since 2014, the IVCORE has participated in the fulfillment of a state defence order for the production of M-30 tents for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The total annual output is

10 200 000m2

Over 40 types
of products

Over 20% of tent
fabrics are processed
by our enterprise

We specialize
in the production and sale of tent fabrics, artificial leathers,
and bookbinding materials


Over the years of its operation, the Ivanovoiskozh Company has established itself as a trusted and reliable business partner and supplier.

Министерство обороны РФ МЧС РФ МВД РФ ПАО «Газпром» ГК «Росатом» ОАО «НК «Роснефть» ОАО «ПО «Севмаш» ООО «Уралмаш НГО Холдинг» (ЗАО «УРБО») ООО НПФ «Политехника» ОАО «Сургутнефтегаз» ОАО «Усинскгеонефть» ООО «НПФ ОРТ» ООО «Магнолия-С» ЗАО ТД «Курганские прицепы» Полиграфика Бланкиздат ЯПК Имидж Ульяновский Дом Печати Сателлит Полиграфические ресурсы

is an expert in the field of production of PVC coated fabrics

A wide range
of fabrics

A variety
of material performance

Our own in-house quality
control laboratory

Sale of materials

in 2015

PVC coated materials

5023824 m2

Bookbinding materials

5250353 m2


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