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November 22
New Item: “Ukrivnoy” material with high level of bending resistance

“Ivanovoiskozh" has developed and put into production - the new material "Ukrivnoy" with increased resistance to bending

August 29
Forum "ARMY-2017"

The company "Ivanovoiskozh" took part in the large-scale marketplace event "ARMY-2017"

June 27
International Exhibition Printech

Ivanovoiskozh took part in the international exhibition Printech 2017

June 12
Integrated Security-2017

Results of the exhibition "Integrated Security - 2017"

May 29
Day of “Advanced Technologies of the Law Enforcement Agencies”

The “Ivanovoiskozh” Company took part in the “Advanced Technologies of the Law Enforcement Agencies”

March 30
New Item: Reinforced material - one-sided

Our novelty is reinforced light-weight one-side coated material

March 20
New Item: materials with antistatic effect

We are expanding the range: tent fabric and artificial leather with antistatic effect

March 13
Many Thanks to our Partners!

The “Abacus Forwarding” Company brought us a lot of joy!

March 01
Final results of Techtextil Russia 2017

“AO Ivanovoiskozh” took part international exhibition Techtextil Russia 2017

January 27
How PVC fabrics should be welded?

Recommendations for thermal welding of PVC coated materials

January 17
“Ivanovoiskozh” confirms the quality of finished products

Our company has received the Certificate of the NAKS

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