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Vinyliskozha-T, low-combustible upholstery

Intended use

car interior upholstery,
public transport seat covers,
vehicle seat covers,
railway car berth covering

Material description

Over the years, this low-combustible artificial leather produced by the IVCORE Company has established itself as a safe and reliable product.

Besides its high fire resistance and resistance against acids and alkalis, the material has shown a high level of frost resistance (up to -40°). Due to its special formulation, low-combustible Vinyliskozha-T is resistant to both dry and wet friction, which guarantees its high wear resistance and durability.

This low-combustible artificial leather has been approved and certified by the experts of the All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Hygiene which enables our Company to supply the product to the Russian Railways.

Vinyliskozha-T complies with the Technical Regulations for Fire Safety Requirements of the Federal law № 123. It has the relevant Fire Safety Certificate, and the Expert Report on compliance of the product with the applicable sanitary standards and regulations confirms that the material is ecologically safe and nontoxic, without   any adverse health consequence established.

The products made from Vinyliskozha -Т are manufactured with joining fabric parts together by sewing.

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