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Vinyliskozha-T, hardly inflammable artificial leather

Intended use

vehicle seat covers,
public transport seat covers,
car interior upholstery,
flame resistant clothing

Material description

Vinyliskozha-T is hardly inflammable artificial leather specifically designed for the manufacture of overalls and the products fit for use in extreme conditions (within the temperature range of +60 ºС to -40ºС).

Vinyliskozha has enhanced fire-resistant properties (oxygen index of at least  26%) and protects from the penetration of water and surfactant solutions. The material has vitally important properties such as its resistance against thermal current of 5,0 kW/m2 and external ignition from an open flame. The unique property of the material is its high level resistance against high ambient temperatures up to 200°С, for which there are no existing analogues.

The unique properties of this material have been confirmed with the relevant Fire Safety Certificate.

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