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Vinyliskozha-T, special clothing material

Intended use

protective clothing,
flexible air ducting

Material description

This type of Vinyliskozha has been developed specifically for the manufacture of protective clothing intended for various purposes: overalls, aprons, protective gloves etc. The experience of our customers has proved that this fabric is a good solution for the manufacture of flexible air ducting and industrial piping products.

The material is highly frost-resistant and heat-resistant, so that the products made from Vinyliskozha-T can be used at temperatures from -25°С to +50°С. This special clothing fabric is completely waterproof and non-flammable. The characteristic feature of this product is its resistance to 40% – sulphuric acid as well as its resistance to salt water, fish tallow, oil and oil products.

Vinyliskozha –T is available with PVC coating on one side or on both sides.

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