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Spetsstroy Expo-2016 Exhibition

Spetsstroy Expo-2016 Exhibition

The Interregional Exhibition Spetsstroy Expo-2016 was held on August 4 – 6. The exhibition exposition was hosted by the Branch of the General Directorate of Engineering Works No.2 under the Spetsstroy of Russia Mechanical Plant of Mounting Billets No.231 in Khimki.

Over 250 samples of products and technologies presented by solely domestic manufacturers, which is particularly important in the context of meeting the challenges of import substitution.

The guests and participants of the Exhibition could get acquainted with the products manufactured by Ivanovoiskozh. A considerable part of its products does not have any analogues of domestic production: a frost-resistant and fire-resistant tent fabric as well as a thermal insulating antistatic material.

The presentation zone of the Exhibition was located in a М-30 frame tent produced by Ivanovoiskozh. The tent was the place where an offsite field meeting of the Science and Technology Council of Spetsstroy of Russia was held. The issues related to the use of technologies and the products of Russian manufacturers were discussed in the meeting.

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