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Dear visitors to the website of the Ivanovoiskozh Company!

Dear visitors to the website of the Ivanovoiskozh Company!


We are starting a series of short publications containing our Quality Assurance Manager’s information about the Company’s products. We understand that it is difficult at times to take proper decisions about the selection of technical materials.

Dear colleagues!
This information is intended for those who use our tent and reinforced fabrics in their products.
I have noticed that many consumers of the tent and reinforced fabrics use the products made of materials embossed with a smoothing roller which makes material surface have a glossy effect.
It is absolutely not my intention to say: “Do not do it”, but I would like to tell you about another option of finishing the surface of materials to provide it with a matte effect. To obtain the effect, the products are processed with a smoothing embossing roller having its individual number – No. 33.

Such products have a beautiful velvety matte appearance. A matt surface is drier to the touch than a glossy surface and it definitely cannot be called “oilcloth”.
This dry touch can be explained in terms of processes and technology and, for sure, our confidence is well founded.
Consequently, such dry touch effect of the surface of tent and reinforced materials can be facilitated by using embossing roller No.33 without carrying out additional finishing operations thus preventing a rise in the product price (which is very important!). In my view, this effect would give any product made from such material a stylish and expensive look.

Yours faithfully, Tatiana Andreyevna Udalova

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