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Real “Check Out” of our material

Real “Check Out” of our material

One of the issues of the "Military Acceptance Procedure" program of the "ZVEZDA" TV channel tells about the Kadamovsky (Rostov region) military training ground - a new type of military campus that is being built from scratch.

On the territory of Kadamovskiy military ground are built TMU (tent-mobile shelters) collapsible prefabricated structures. The coatings for these structures are made of a polymer-fabric waterproof and fireproof Type 2 (flammability group G1) produced by ZAO Ivanovoiskozh.

The host tested our fire-resistant material in real time on the Kadamovsky range (interval from 7:40 to 11:10 minutes).

We are proud to announce that the material of CJSC Ivanovoiskozh can withstand everything!

We boast of our products!

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