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New Item: “Ukrivnoy” material with high level of bending resistance

New Item: “Ukrivnoy” material with high level of bending resistance

The company "Ivanovoiskozh" improves and develops materials that have already received well-deserved recognition in the market. We have developed and put into production the reinforced material "Ukrvnoy" (Type 2) with increased operational properties.

The material withstands bending more than 20 000 cycles at a temperature of -20 ° C, and at the same time no cracks appear on the PVC coating. Therefore, such a material is ideal for the production of vehicle covers, curtains for vehicles, tents and other products which are subjected to repeated bending.

The highest indicators of the improved product are confirmed by the report of an independent laboratory.

Material "Ukrivnoy" with increased resistance to bending is available both with the group of flammability G2, and in the non-flammable version.

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