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New Item: Reinforced material - one-sided

New Item: Reinforced material - one-sided

The company "Ivanovoiskozh" improves and develops materials that have already received well-deserved recognition in the market.

We have put into production the material reinforced lightweight one-sided.

Weight of the material (550 ± 50 g / m2) provides a wide range of its application.It is ideal for manufacturing of the canopies, covers, shelters, car covers, bags, snowtubing and other products.

The base fabric is a high-strength warp knitted fabric, produced on Karl Mayer line. It is the base that provides the material with high breaking loads and strength.

Our production method guarantees high adhesion values.

The material is available in a wide range of colors. The width of the material is 160 ± 2 cm (unedged 0.5 cm on each side). The material is easily stitched, glued and welded with both thermal and HDTV welding.

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