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How PVC fabrics should be welded?

How PVC fabrics should be welded?

For splicing pieces of tent materials and reinforced PVC coated materials of differential mass special welding conditions should be used depending on equipment, it’s specifications, capacities, and service life:

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To minimize lack of penetration and other difficulties during the processing of PVC coated materials abide following recommendations:

1. Experience has proven that often unstable voltage and voltage surges cause the lack of penetration. You can rectify this problem by using the voltage regulator. It will apply voltage to your equipment in accordance with the specifications (230V or 400V).

2. It is required to clean welding torch nozzle from vinyl deposits by special brass wire brush.

3. You should check the temperature of the blowing air at regular intervals. You can make it by yourself with the help of contact thermocouple or in the State Center for Standardization and Metrology.

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