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The Head of our region visited the premises of Ivanovoiskozh

The Head of our region visited the premises of Ivanovoiskozh

Pavel Konkov, Governor of the Ivanovo region, was informed about the production cycle during his working visit to Ivanovoiskozh and the look-ahead plans of the Company’s development. Pavel Konkov was shown carrying out the principal operations of the new textile production line purchased from KARL MAYER (Germany). The equipment produces various types of the polyester fabric base using polyester yarns of different density.

According to the Company’s CEOs, the production line operation covers the requirements for about half of fabric base materials. There are plans to purchase another production line with a view for the future use of domestic materials to be produced when the Synthetic Fiber Factory is launched in the Ivanovo region. The Governor appreciated the efforts made by the Company to develop its production.

“The Company follows the path of implementing a full production cycle – from weaving up to the final stage of processing and output of finished products ,” Pavel Konkov said.

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