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Fireproof Tents

Fireproof Tents

According to the media reports of the past two years there have been committed more cases of fire safety requirements violation by owners and contractors of such construction facilities as: residential buildings, hangars, agricultural tent frames, sport facilities, military tents etc. As a result, the requirements for fire safety towards any building materials have become tougher.

We are proud to announce the receipt of a patent for the formulation of the Fire Resistant Cold Resistant Material (MPTVO) manufactured in accordance with Russian State Standard - GOST 30244. The patent confirms that “Ivanovoiskozh” is the first and the only producer of such kind of material in Russia.

We suggest you to make sure that our fire-resistant material does not sustain combustion. As a comparison, we will show what happens to the usual tent material under the influence of fire.

The patent for fireproof material produced by “Ivanovoiskozh” is one more confirmation of the quality of our products and also it is an advantage for all customers who are concerned with the safety of their products and the reputation.

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