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Antistatic piping material

Intended use

flexible ventilation ducts,
flexible air ducts

Material description

This antistatic piping material has been developed specifically for the manufacture of flexible ventilation ducts, including pipes for the mining industry.

The material has been designed to meet all the requirements of its specific application, i.e. intrinsic spark-hazard safety, resistance to water and air penetration, fire and explosion safety. The piping material has the highest electrical surface resistance (not more than 3х108 Ohms) and oxygen index (not less than 28% О2).

Due to its reinforced fabric base, the material retains its strength even when being tensioned and withstands significant direct and sliding external mechanical impacts, which is especially important because PVC pipes for industrial use often are abraded rather than torn.

The piping material produced by the IVCORE Company is durable and retains its physical properties even under the most extreme conditions – it does not dry out, or split, or peel of over time.

Parts of this material can be joined together by welding (using thermal or high frequency processes).

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