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Material description

Anfol, a multi-layer slip-resistant material, has been specifically developed for the production of flooring for public places: corridors, staircases, inclined surfaces.

Its reinforced non-woven base made from polyester yarn provides Anfol with extra strength. An anti-slipping effect is achieved due to special additives to the coating of the material and specially processed relief surface. The material retains its properties at ambient temperatures of up to -50ºС. It retains its linear dimensions even at +70ºС. Anfol is fire-safe and resistant to gasoline and lubricants.

The physical and mechanical properties of this multi-layer material enable Anfol to satisfy all the requirements for motor vehicle flooring.

When laying the flooring, the joints between the sheets of the materials are covered with metal mouldings and angles or welded with PVC profiles or PVC cords.

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